TSAL059 - Fierce Beast Marble Sculpture


Product#: TS615

Product Name: TSAL059 - Fierce Beast Marble Sculpture

Category: Animals

Description: TSAL059 - Fierce Beast is one sculpture that you don’t want to come upon in the middle of the night as you wander through your garden. But the charm of such a terrifyingly magnificent cat garden statue is that it exudes an air of raw vitality that can boost life into the rest of your garden statues. As far as animal statues go, the Fierce Beast is a compilation of art statues that has found its way to you from the range of marble statues made in Italy. With a touch of near life-likeness, these marble statues life size can be yours as well. So if you are really keen on evoking the fierceness of this statue of marble upon your other marble statues and fountains, you simply can buy marble statues online.